What We’re All About

With more than 30 years of combined experience in software architecture, information technology and digital design and illustration, we deliver sound, aesthetically-pleasing software and websites that are adaptable to the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Creativity runs in the Ahoy! family; whether building concept cars from old parts, creating or reading comic books, or writing about the latest contemporary art exhibit, we are always fostering and enjoying creative thought. This shows in our work, and we are proud of it. We also have a sense of humor. Check out our ‘Salty’ portraits below.

Jason Fraley

An ambitious entrepreneur, Jason has over 20 years experience in software development, information technology and startup businesses. He has worked for a few international and national businesses over the past few decades, including Verizon and Oracle Corporation, and has recently started going after his personal business ventures.

When he’s not out talking shop with other business owners and community leaders, you can find him lifting people and flipping them upside down at one of his acroyoga meets around the world or creating hyper-fuel-efficient concept cars out of junkyard Mercedes Benz parts in his studio in St. Pete, FL.

Tyler Johnston

A self-taught senior developer, Tyler has a passion for great architecture, beautiful code, and the next best solution. Over his 6+ years of programming, he’s worked with over 7 diverse languages, and he never stops learning along the way.

When he's not writing code or running tests you can find him snatching or squatting heavy weights, reading comics, or preparing and giving talks for local programmers that belong to the Suncoast Javascript meetup group, which he co-founded.

James Basom Seaman II

With early experiences as an apprentice of a Marvel comic artist and a freelance conceptual designer at Tampa’s Ground Up Films, James quickly turned into the multifaceted commercial graphic designer he is today. With over 10 years of professional experience working for a variety of non-profits, higher-education institutions and small to medium sized national businesses, including the University of South Florida and Gray’s Bookstore, he has produced a myriad of pretty websites and unique company logos. He’s an avid toy collector, a model and toy painter and a well-known toy photographer. Check out his epic collection on his his epic collection on his Flickr account account.